Vaccinating Your Dog


What diseases do we vaccinate for?


Hepatites  (adenovirus type 1 & 2)



Leptospirosis (canicola & icterhaemorrhagiae)


Kennel Cough








This is commonly known as the ‘7 in 1’ vaccine. This vaccinates against a range of life-threatening diseases many of which are still prominent in this area.





This is a highly contagious infectious bronchitis, which spreads like wild-fire anywhere dogs are in contact e.g. kennels, parks, and housing estates.


Neccesary if you plan to bring your pet abroad.


When do we start the vaccination program?

From 6 weeks of age, Puppies require 2 vaccinations, the second one given no earlier than 10 weeks of age. Should a pup have only received a ‘parvo’ vaccine with the breeder it will still need a further 2 vaccines.

For older dogs or those with an unknown vaccine status two injections are also required two weeks apart.

The Kennel Cough vaccine is a separate vaccination and is given by inserting a couple of drops up the nose.

Dogs can then safely mix with other dogs 10 days after the final part of the vaccine.


How often should my pet be vaccinated?

Dogs require a ‘7 in 1’ and Kennel Cough booster vaccination EVERY year for the rest of their lives to maintain immunity.


Do I really need to vaccinate?

We strongly recommend your pet receives a ‘7 in 1’ and kennel cough vaccination every year along with an annual health check with the vet. We see this as the number 1 thing you can do to help protect your pets health.